Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arabic name.?

ok i'm arab i'm married to a russian, and we live in the usa. we're trying to decide on a baby name. we're looking for something that could work with all three cultures. any suggestions

Arabic name.?
Reply:Romina is pretty.
Reply:kihumilda amo moham muhammad
Reply:How about Alika...
Reply:Sara, or Salma
Reply:You can try my name, Mariam. Or other names, Aysha, Bushra, Ahmed, Shamshad or Habib. Or Ali. Or Fatima. There are so many Arabic names. You can look up on the Internet.

Reply:my name! zohra! lol or zeina. or ambar, or farah, or yasmina, or selina.
Reply:Hey im arabic

Yasmin pronounced yasmeen

Suzzane pronounced sawsan
Reply:Rima is a pretty name
Reply:Abraham, Adam

the best name...

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